Site Name APO SP SA Go To Site or Located From Other Names Site Type County Grid Ref Latitude Longitude Height AMSL Dates Site Owner/Operator Frequency ICAO R/W  Headings R/W  Length x Width R/W  Surface   Basic notes related to the site                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
                                               List begins after information below                                                                                                                  
         Always start your search of the Database here.  Scroll down the list and if you find the site you're looking for, note the ID No.
as that remains the same throughout. There are 3 Primary Name site indicators shown on Google Earth  blue P- black starred P* & plain black P. 
Other names O are NOT included in the Google Earth alphabetical list. They ONLY appear on the main Datalist below. See grey section below for all definitions.                                                           
  A=Alternative       blue P=Primary name that is P*=Primary name that has P=sites on the list below still    O=Other names.      Where possible                                      
  local or popular          precisely pinpointed on Google Maps  not yet been pinpointed and     waiting to be upgraded    These are NOT     the townland                                      
  spelling of a site   using random coloured pins is shown on Google with a         All names are cross   used on Google      in which the        
  name and only       plain yellow pin as close as               referenced     maps and only      site is located        
  appears on this list     possible to the location-some       appear below     is used as the        
  below      yellow pins are in the actual        site name        
      named townland.            
      previous update was on 11.04.2016           
      RED site names in col B indicate new, added or corrected information since the 11.04.2016 update was added          
      This update 08.08.2016 21.00          
To-date only 20% of sites on the current list are on Google Maps. See notice below.  Also there are still many 1000's MORE sites waiting to be added.
If you cannot locate the site you're looking for-please ask via the "CONTACT US" link on the home page
Unfortunately our Google Maps are at this time locked at just 500 sites-we are making progress attempting to set up a mapping system over which we hope to have full content 
control and as we have found, this takes many months of time to organise and we may have to wait for a while yet!!. It's a very slow process, so patients is the only solution. 
An additional row between ID 746 & 747 was added for the with old info which has to be confirmed or corrected before retention as a possible new site or deletion if not required.
     information related to sitedata file
Col D    SP=Site Ground & Aerial Photos of runways-hangars-active areas and equipment - marked as / in column D.    Only used as an indicator to show site photos are available. 
Please note: Not all SP & SA sites where photos are available, are marked yet, a work very much in progress, as is the whole database! 
ALL photographs are ONLY viewable in the Photo section of the database-which is located on the home page                              
Col E    SA=Site Activity Photos of based-visitors-stored and scrapped flight equipment of all types also marked as / in column E.  Only used as an indicator to show activity photos are available. 
Col C & G meaning of A P O      A=Alternative Spelling-  P=Primary Name  &  O=Other Name/s
red A in col C indicates checked for cross reference site names.  
Alternative usually means local, popular or error spelling-these are all cross referenced in the datalist and direct you to the   
official primary name as per Ordnance Survey maps or so I thought until I checked managed to miss a lot-see below
Rows in Columns U to AC are now been used to add limited additional information related to the site-runway data presently occupying these columns  
will be moved back to cols R. S & T-helps tidy things up a bit. Multiple runways will now be stacked in cols R=Headings, S=Length x Width & T=Surface
                                                                             P   indicates  PRIMARY NAME. The Primary Name section will include all known technical details.  NAME/S    (column C)  A  indicates  ALTERNATIVE spelling. The Corrected spelling is shown as per Ordnance Survey maps, which does not always correspond with the popular/local spelling.  
   P indicates  PRIMARY name which will include all available site data information where known.
 O  indicates  OTHER name/s and will direct you to the Primary Name plus ID number for that location.  
ALL names are cross referenced, or so I thought until I checked - near the bottom of this list from ID2842 to 2912 you will see what I have found so
       far. I believe I have now cross referenced all sites, but if you find more please let us know
We prefer to use the name of the townland in which the site is located as the primary site name, unless the site is on a named location within the townland, 
  such as a House, Castle or other feature, then we may use that as the primary name.
The majority of names on the lists, are in fact townlands.
  In Kevin Glynn’s VFR Flight Guide Ireland 2006 some of the strip names given are those of the actual airstrip owner rather than that of the location or townland. 
In those cases we have added the personal names as "other" names and included the townland as the primary name. 
  A townland represents one of the smallest geographical units in Ireland, and can vary in size from a few acres to over 3000 acres. The average size of a 
townland is about 300 to 500 acres. (One acre = approximately 0.40 Hactares ) They could be equated to the postcode area's of the UK & NI.
The Irish government have introduced postcodes in the Republic of Ireland (2015). Unfortunately they are not "user friendly", as every building has
a unique code bearing no relationship to any other buildings in the area. They could, but will NOT be used on this database because each separate code 
pinpoints one single building only. Unlike each of the UK postcodes,  which cover around 20 or so separate structures and not identifying induvidual buildings.
PHOTOS    (column D)  SP indicates Site Photographs showing Aerial and Ground views, runways, taxiways, active areas, hangars and any equipment related to site operations. 
                    (column E)  SA indicates Site Activity photographs which are available of based, visitors, stored or scrapped flying equipment of any discription
  COUNTY                       The county in which the site is located. 
                 Some sites may be named after the nearest town, which in a few cases may not be in the same county, but located across the boundry of the next county. 
NEAREST TOWN                       Where the precise location is unknown, the site is named after the nearest  town and that name only is shown to the right-hand side of the column. 
       Distances are given in kilometers as a direct line from the centre of the nearest town to the location, on the basic compass headings shown. 
DATES               All dates are shown as follows: Day, Month and the full year, ie: 07.05.1989- [7th May 1989]
              The left side of the date column shows the first opening or the first recorded use date. 
              A full date, only on the left hand side of the column, represents a known recorded use of the site, although
              not necessarily the first use.  The right side shows the latest known use or final closing date.
              Some sites appear to have definitive opening and closing dates. They are in fact, known, first and final  
                dates when used by the flying circus and air display groups of the 1930’s. With probably little or no 
              aviation activity, prior to, after or even in the intervening periods. 
              In the “Notes” file where dates are shown with the based aircraft, these should relate only to the time spent at that particular site
LATITUDE/ LONGITUDE                Also taken directly from O/S and online maping. And are shown as Degrees -Minutes -Decimal Seconds.   These are taken directly from O/S & online mapping and are shown as Degrees Minutes Decimal Seconds.
Both Grid Reference & Latitude/Longitude are centred on the active area ie: runway, helipad or any  
other area which would be regarded as the active area on previous and present sites.
This gives a position point of 1.3m sq which is ample for our needs. Previous readings were an un-necessary 0.13mm position point
SITE TYPE Primary site use.
RADIO FREQUENCIES               Both official and unofficial frequencies will be listed in the sitedata file, where known.
        TO FIND A LOCATION                                        Select find or search icon, type in your request, click  “Find Next” until  the site you want appears, then cancel. 
                As you move into the area of the Database where the ID number’s co-incide with year date’s 
                of the late 19th,the 20th and the 21st century, this will cause a nuisance while attempting to 
                locate a particular site via the ID numbers only. Unfortunately, at the moment it would seem that 
              there is no way around this irritating problem, unless you know better!!. But if you know the site name, 
              adding it helps eliminate this problem. 
If there is a number after the name and you know it, remember to include that ie Cashel 1, Cashel 2 etc.
  A                    B  C   D  E                     F                   G                 H           I           J          K          L         M               N                O            P    Q           R                S                  T                U                  V                 W               X                  Y                 Z             AA              AB             AC      
ID Site Name APO SP SA Go To Site or Nearest Town Other Names Site Type County Grid Ref Latitude Longitude Height AMSL Dates Site Owner/Operator Frequency ICAO R/W 1 Headings R/W 1 Length x Width R/W 1 Surface   Basic notes related to the site    
1 Abbey   O     see Newtown North                 0263 Ballinakill 3  O  Airstrip Galway                                        
2 Abbeybraney P     12k SE of New Ross Inishlounaght  O-Gusserane  O  Airstrip Wexford 76/S79776 18645 52.18·819N  6.49·795W 41m 134ft 00.03.1991-Active Private     16/34 340m x 20m Grass  
3 Abbey Farm P     3k W of Clonmel railway station Clonmel 1  O  Landing Ground/Field strip Tipperary 74/S17612 22512 52.21·170N  7.44·466W 57m 186ft 00.04.1921?-00.00.1937 Private     N/S 750yds x open  Grass 35 acre field in 1921 the RAF used a landing ground at Clonmel, possibly here-Sir Alan Cobham displayed at Clonmel on 04.07.1933 & CWA.Scott on 21.05.1936 both possibly at Abbey Farm & Irish Aero Club did fly from here on 04.06.1937. confirmation please?.

4 Abbeyleix P*                                           Abbeyleix   Helistop Laois 60/S44000 85000 52.55·000N  7.20·000W 120m 393ft 30.05.1994 Private     Active area                      
5 Abbeyshrule 1 P     250m W of Abbeyshrule village Drumanure  O-Drimanure  A Airfield Longford 41/N22350 59515 53.35·096N 7.39·749W 69m 226ft 15.07.1956-00.09.1976 Private 122.6mHz   01/19           12/30           15/33 700m x ??m                400m x ??m                430m x ??m Grass                             Grass                             Grass                  
6 Abbeyshrule 2 P / / 1.25k NE of Abbeyshrule village Cloonbrin  O Airfield Longford 41/N23640 60228 53.35·482N  7.38·588W 59m 194ft 01.08.1977-Active Private 122.6mHz EIAB                    10/28 799m x 18m Tarmac started in 1977 as a 550m partially waterlogged grass strip-1978 progressed to a 575 tarmac runway & eventully in 2001 to 799m tarmac 
7 Abbeyshrule 3 O     see Royal Canal                     1210   Marine Longford                                        
8 Abbeyville O     see Kinsaley                          0840 Kinsealy A  Helipad Dublin                                    
9 Abercorn Barracks P     10k SW of Downpatrick Ballykinler  O  Helibase Down 21/J43681 36214 54.15·278N     5.47·764W 15m  49ft 00.00.0000-00.00.2007 British Army     Active area White H + 10m white circle Tarmac Tarmac parade ground was marked with a white H in a 10m circle-approximate centre of the old camp area - closed 2007 & completely built over from around 2008
10 Achill Island 1 O     see Tonatanvally                    2443   Airstrip Mayo                                        
11 Achill Island 2 O     see  Menawn                          2912 Manaun  A-Minaun  A Hang Gliding/Paragliding Site Mayo                        
12 Achill Strand P     100m SSW of bridge- on E shore   Beach Strip Mayo 30/L73697 99930 53.55·974N 9.55·630W Sea Level 10.07.1959- Mayo County Council     N/S 500yds x 50yds Sand my own guesstimate - actual location required if it's not at this point
13 Adamstown 1   (see notes >>>>>) P*     6k   S of Clonroche Wexford 4  O  Airstrip?/Helipad? Wexford 77/S87744 27677 52.23·614N  6.42·640W 75m 245ft 00.00.1991-Active? Private     13/31 580m x open Grass my own guesstimate - actual location required if it's not at this site at Adamstown-selected only because of available length and of it's proximity to Adamstown- other possble sites are at Raheenakennedy, Adamstown or Murntown or Barntown 
14 Adare O     see Adare Manor Hotel            0015   Helipads Limerick                                        
15 Adare Manor Hotel P     16k SW of Limerick city Adare O Helipad                       Helipad                       Helipad Limerick 65/R46940 45932 65/R46960 45859 65/R45965 45847 52.33·724N       52.33·693N       52.33·683N  8.46·942W 8.46·942W      8.46·936W 12m 40ft     10m 33ft     10m 33ft                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           00.00.0000-00.00.2006 00.00.2006-Active 00.00.2006-Active Private     Active area  03m x 03m                  open area on marked H open area on marked H Tarmac                           Grass                             Grass H marked pad on tarmac surface 80m W of golf Club House, closed about 2006 - then two new grass areas each marked with white H became operational at 50m & 68m S of old pad also W of the driveway
16 Aghada P     3k NE of Whitegate Queenstown  O  Marine Cork 81/W85128 65748 51.50·626N  8.12·951W 01m 03ft 22.02.1918-10.04.1919 RNAS/USNAS     Active area  N of slipway - open area Water Shore base S of slipway for maintenance & repair of the 38 based seaplanes used on marine operations from here-map grids & co-ords indicate slipway position
17 Aghadoe Heights Hotel P     4k NW of Killarney railway station Killarney 4  O  Helipads Kerry 78/V93381 92889 78/V93374 92928 52.04·660N 52.04·681N  9.32·325W 9.33·333W 119m 389ft 118m 386ft 00.00.0000-2003 00.00.2003-Active Private     Active areas 70 & 110m N of the road Concrete Old 5m circuler concrete pad at the rear of the hotel 70m N of the road was built over during expantion of hotel around 2003-then a new 5m square concrete pad was establiished also at the rear of hotel but a futher 40m N-both pads appear to be unmarked
18 Aghadowey O     see Mullaghmore 1                 1045 Garvagh 1  O  Aerodrome/Airfield/Airstrip Derry                                        
19 Aghern P*     11k SE of Fermoy   Field strip Cork 81/W90175 92957 52.05·312N  8.08·621W 28m 92ft 29.07.1984- Private     ? ? Grass probably not the actual field but one of many large fields in the Aghern area which could have been used for the fly-in that took place there on 29.07.1984 - exact location required please plus any other info related to the event        
20 Aillebrack P     5k WSW 0f Ballyconneely   Temporary Landing Ground Galway 44/L58337 42449 53.24·788N 10.07·840W 05m  16ft 24.02.1926-25.04.1926 IAAS/Private     06/25 385yds x 20yds Sandy Grass possible site used by IAAS (IAC) D9 deHavilland DH.9 which was one of five aeropanes to take part in a search for missing seamen sadly none were found-D9 was the only plane to land at Aillebrack  on 24.02.1926 & overnighted due bad weather
21 Albert Lock P     3k S of Drumsna Jamestown Canal  O -  Carrick on Shannon 1  O  Marine Roscommon 33/M99469 95471 54.54·660N  8.00·457W 40m 130ft 00.00.1994-00.00.1997 Private     Active area 700m x 18m Canal  Water Canal at Albert Lock was used as a part time base for EI-CFP Cessna 172 floatplane owned by Oliver (Sammy) Bruton RIP-sadly it was on a fly by to check the aircraft 01.06.1997 that Sammy died when he struck a power line       
22 Aldergrove 1 P / / 7k S of Antrim Belfast 2  O Aerodrome/Airfield/Airport Antrim 14/J14498 79934 54.39·275N  6.13·605W 64m 209ft 00.01.1918-Active RAF/Civil-RAF 118.30mHz EGAA 07/25           17/35 2777m x 45m            1951m x 45m Asphalt                         Asphalt                  
23 Aldergrove 2 O     see Alexander Barracks           0024   Helibase Antrim                                        
24 Alexander Barracks P     Part of Aldergrove Airport Aldergrove 2   O  Helibase Antrim 14/J15046 79636 54.38·090N  6.13·094W 77m 252ft 02.09.2009-Active British Army     Active area 270m x 100m apron Concrete Aldergrove ceased to be an RAF station on 20.09.2009-the same day Joint Helicopter Command took over military activity at Alexander Barracks, the southern area of the airport E & W of southern part of runway 17/35
25 Alexandra Basin P     500m E of East Link Bridge River Liffey  O  Marine Dublin 50/O18718 34508 53.20·845N  5.13·000W Sea Level 07.09.1928- Private     Active area 1000m x 200m River Liffey Water the Flying Boat used this dock as it's mooring site-the landing area was the nearby mouth of the river Liffy for a possible air service between France and Ireland-only one flight actually took place on 07.09.1928
26 All Hallows P     20.2k W of Athlone railway station Feevaghmore O Helistop Roscommon 47/M84009 41081 53.25·205N  8.14·489W      45m 147ft 07.10.2000- Private     Active area open Bog moss? doubtful location, but included just in case! IS IT in the middle of a bog at Feevagh More and possibly linked to Hallow'een activities in the area hense "All Hallows" OR more likely, the All Hallows collage Drumcondra, Dublin.
27 Altnagelvin Hospital (pad 1) P     1.5k E of Craigavon Bridge pad 2 at                       2286 Helipads  (2) Derry 07/C45344 15491 54.59·05.4063N  7.17·29.9119W      95m 310ft 00.00.0000-Active Private.     Active areas     Pad 1 is 60m S of the main building and 2nd pad is 260m to the E of the 1st at 7/C45609 15458
28 Annalong 1 O     see Glasdrumman Lodge Hotel 0654 Glasdrumman House Lodge O-Glassdrumman 1 A  Helipad Down                                        
29 Aras An Uachtarain P     4k WNW of City Centre Phoenix Park 2  O  Helipad Dublin 50/O11804 35719 53.21·59.1233N  6.19·22.7929W      35m 115ft 00.00.0000-Active Private.     Active area open? Grass? possibly enclosed garden area SW of the house 100m NE of Chesterfield  Avenue (main road through the park)
30 Ardee P*                                                Ardee   Helistop Louth 36/N95840 90660 53.51·39.0796N  6.32·59.7902W ? 29.06.1993- Private.     Active area                      
31 Ardkeen Hospital O     see Waterford Reg Hospital     1378   Helipad Waterford                                        
32 Carrowmoneash O     see Oranmore 1                     0283   Landing Ground-Aerodrome/Airport Galway                                        
33 Ards O     see Newtownards 2                 0266   Aerodrome/Airport/airfield Down                                        
34 Arklow 1 O     see Templerainy                    1493 Templeraney A  Airstrip Wicklow                                        
35 Arklow 2 P*                                               Arklow   Helipad Wicklow 62/T24701 73059 52.47·65.0397.N  6.09·06.6492W ? 10.09.1999-Active Private.     Active area                      
36 Armagh 1 O     see Farmacaffly                      2101   Emergency Landing Ground Armagh                                        
37 Armagh 2 O     see Drumadd Barracks            0514   Helibase Armagh                                        
38 Armagh 3 O     also Drumadd Barracks           0514   Helipad Armagh         00.00.1999-Active Military?                            
39 Armagh Field O     see Woodview                        1406 Troughtons  O-Mullanasilla  O Airstrip Armagh                                        
40 Ashbourne 1 P*     ?1k? SE of Ashbourne   Airstrip Meath 43/O05695 52048 53.30·46.7111N  6.24·40.3077W ? 00.00.1975-00.00.1981 Private         Grass Confirmation of the location of this airstrip would be most welcome. Site probably completely built over now.
41 Ashford 1 P     800m NE of Ballinasloe rail station Ballinasloe   O  Field strip Galway 47/M84524 32565 53.20·58.1515N  8.13·94.2882W      40m 131ft 24.06.1937- Private     omni-directional 500yds Grass                  
42 Ashford Castle 1 P     800m S of Cong   Helipad Mayo 38/M14888 54708 53.32·12.4830N  9.17·02.9495W       05m  16ft 00.00.1989-Active Private     Active areas     pad 1 is grass & pad 2 tarmac, pad 1 is next to the fountain in front of the castle pad 2 is 100m N of the Hotel
43 Athboy 1 see 0088 O     probably Ballyboy House   Helistop Meath                                        
44 Athboy 2 O     see Ballyboy House                 0088   Airstrip Meath                                        
45 Athenry 1 O     see Ballygurraun South 1        1497   Forced landing site Galway                                        
46 Athlone 1 O     see Ballykeeran                     2385    Landing Ground Westmeath                     Grass                  
47 Athlone 2 O     see Bigmeadow                      0207   Field strip Westmeath                                        
48 Athlone 3 O     see Ballaghkeeran Big            0075 Ballykeeran Big A Balloon Base Westmeath                                        
49 Athlone Air Park O     see Doon                               0504   Airstrip Offaly                                        
50 Athlone Regional Sports Centre P     1k NE of Athlone Bridge   Balloon launch site Westmeath 47/N05153 42022 53.25·69.7077N  7.55·34.8177W      35m 115ft 00.00.0000-Active? Private/Athlone Council     Active area     Sports Ground/football pitch S of the centre
51 Athy 1 O     see Cardington                       0307 Cardenton A  Airstrip Kildare                                        
52 Athy 2 P*                                                  Athy   Helistop Kildare 55/S68101 94195 52.59·67.1717N  6.59·14.0027W ? 03.03.1999- Private.     Active area                      
53 Spur Royal Gardens P /   600m W of Augher centre Augher  O-Castlehill Demesne  O Helipad Tyrone 18/H55833 53760 54.25·82.2658N     7.08·42.6451W      62m 203ft 11.11.1998-Active Private.     Active area     Yard area marked with a large circled H
54 Ballymageogh 1 P / / 5k NNW of Kilkeel Aughrim S-Kilkeel 1 O-Newry 1  O  Airstrip Down 29/J27830 17812 54.05·609N  6.02·745W    182m 595ft 00.00.0000-Active Private. 123.45mHz   17/35 475m x 15m Grass                  
55 Aught Point 1 P     5.5k NE of Muff Rinenore Point  O-Lough Foyle  O  Marine Donegal 07/C50177 28838 55.06·25.5853N  7.12·82.7190W      Sea Level 01.07.1917-00.01.1919 USNAS/RNAS     Active area ? Water                  
56 Aught Point 2 P     Part of Aught Point 1 Rinenore Point  O-Lough Foyle  O  Landing ground Donegal 07/C50142 29020 55.06·35.4152N  7.12·85.8165W       06m 20ft 00.00.0000-00.01.1919 USNAS/RNAS/RFC/RAF.         Grass                  
57 Avoca 1 P*                                                Avoca   Airstrip? Wicklow 62/T20304 80108 52.51·59.9327N  6.12·82.0158W ? 00.06.1987-Active Private.         Grass                  
58 Avoca 2 P*                                                Avoca   Helistop Wicklow 62/T20385 79610 52.51·23.9855N  6.12·75.9066W ? 02.03.2001- Private.     Active area                      
59 Avonmore (House??) P     ?   Helistop ?         27.02.1992- Private.                            
60 Bagenalstown O     See Ballymoon House              1583 Bagnelstown  A  Helipad Carlow                                  
61 Baily Lighthouse P     3k S of Howth town Bailey A Helipad Dublin 50/O29516 36550 53.21·79.6658N  6.03·25.2604W 46m 150ft    pre 1983-Active Irish Lights.     Active area   tarmac 19m circle on hard base-prior to 2000 it was an unmarked tarmac area. 300m NW of the lighthouse E side of road
62 Balcunnin P*     4k SW of Skerries Skerries  O Field strip Dublin 43/O22900 57900 53.33·39.6360N  6.08·71.2386W      55m 180ft 28.06.1937- Private.         Grass                  
63 Baldonnel P / / 6.5k SSE of Weston Airfield Mhic Easmuinn  O-Casement  O-The Don O-Baldonnell A Aerodrome/Airfield Dublin 50/O03815 29024 53.18·08.0545N  6.26·05.7134W      96m 315ft 01.09.1918-Active RAF/IAC. 123.5 Mhz EIME 11/29           05/23 1829m x 46m             1463m x 46m Concrete                    Concrete                  
64 Ballaghderreen P                                   Ballaghderreen   Helipad Roscommon 32/M61835 94964 53.54·15.7382N  8.34·84.2206W      80m 262ft 10.01.1992-Active Private.     Active area                      
65 Ballina 1 O     See Downhill House Hotel         0506   Helipad Mayo                                        
66 Ballina 2 O     See Rahans                            1582 Rahins  A Microlight airstrip Mayo                                        
67 Ballina 3 O     See Killaloe                            0792 Lough Derg Marina  O  Marine Clare/Tipperary                                        
68 Ballinakill 1  A     See Waterford Castle Hotel      1375 Little Island  O-Ballynakill  O  Helipad Waterford                                        
69 Ballinamuc  O     See Ballynamuck                    0145 Dungarvan  O  Airstrip? Galway                                        
70 Ballinasloe 1 O     See Ashford 1                         0041   Airstrip Galway                                        
71 Ballinasloe 2 P*                                         Ballinasloe   Field strip Galway 47/M84621 31537 53.20·03.2083N  8.13·85.2502W ? 21.05.1991- Private.         Grass                  
72 Ballincollig 1 P     1k NW of Ballincollig   Landing Ground/Aerodrome Cork 87/W58584 71122 51.53·45.2090N  8.36·09.8719W       15m 49ft 00.00.1916-00.00.1952? RFC/RAF/Civil.     E/W 1000yds x 250 yds Grass                  
73 Ballincollig 2 P*     9k W of Cork City   Helistop Cork 87/W58600 70600 51.53·17.0673N  8.36·08.1016W ? 27.09.1993- Private.     Active area                      
74 Ballincollig 3 P*     9k W of Cork City   Microlight Airstrip Cork 87/W59575 69952 51.53·82.5490N  8.35·22.6772W ? 03.06.1994-Active Private.         Grass                  
75 Ballaghkeeran Big P*     5k NE Athlone town bridge Ballykeeran Big A -Athlone 3  O  Balloon Base/Store Westmeath 47/N07700 44500 52.27·03.1273N  7.53·04.5286W ? 00.10.1993-Active Private.                            
76 Ballindrait P   / 6k WNW of Lifford Lifford  O Airstrip Donegal 06/H29749 99743 54.50·67.2088N  7.32·21.2706W       06m 20ft 00.09.1975-Active Private.     05/23 700m x 30m Grass                  
77 Ballingarry 1 P*     9k ENE of Killenaule   Helistop Tipperary 67/S31100 48900 52.35·26.0491N  7.32·46.3156W ? 25.08.1997- Private.     Active area                      
78 Ballingarry 2 O     See Ballynele Stud Farm          0147   Airstrip Limerick                        
79 Ballybeggan P     4k ENE of Tralee Tralee Racecourse  O  Field strip Kerry 71/Q85782 15334 52.16·67.5364N  9.40·42.1984W   20.05.1935-22.05.1936 Private.     E/W 390yds x 40yds Grass central area of the racecourse was proposed as a temporary Air Corps Landing ground in 1933 and during 1935 part of the racecourse became runway 11/36 and was used for flying displays
80 Ballinrobe Racecourse P     2k NW of Ballinrobe Rathcarreen  O  Field strip Mayo 38/M17511 66103 53.38·29.2014N  9.14·83.6829W       28m 92ft 22.09.1933-21.06.1937 Private.     N/S 500yds Grass                  
81 Ballinskelligs 1 O     See Waterville                         1381 Emlaghnamuck  O Airstrip Kerry                 Grass                  
82 Ballinskelligs 2 P*                                      Ballinskelligs   Helipad Kerry 83/V43507 66252 51.49·60.3177N 10.16·21.5268W ? 00.00.0000-Active Irish Helicopters/Irish Lights     Active area                      
83 Ballinter P     7k S of Navan Ballinteer A - Navan 2  O  Temporary Landing Ground Meath 42/N88802 61684 53.35·84.8234N  6.39·51.2967W      50m 164ft 00.05.1941-00.07.1941 Irish Air Corps/Irish Army         Grass  
84 Ballybar Lower P     6k S of Carlow town Old Racecourse  O - Carlow 1  O  Field strip Carlow 61/S73111 71573 52.47·47.6370N  6.54·96.8514W      55m 180ft 12.09.1933-03.06.1937 IAC/Private.     N/S 480yds x 100yds Grass This field and the next one W were listed by the Irish Air Corps as a possible temporary landing ground in 1933-but only this field was used by flying the circus groups from 1933 to 1937 for their displays
85 Ballybofey      O See Carnowen                        1514 Microlight Airstrip Donegal                                        
86 Ballyboghil 1 P     9k NNW of Swords Ellistown 1  O -Ballyboughal 1  A  Airstrip Dublin 43/O14418 54892 53.31·89.0284N  6.16·45.4963W      54m 177ft 00.00.1970s-Active Private.     11/29 510m x 15m Grass                  
87 Ballyboghil 2 P*                                         Ballyboghil Ballyboughal 2  A  Helipad Dublin 43/O14877 53687 53.31·23.4925N  6.16·06.6310W ? 00.00.0000-Active Private.     Active area                  
88 Ballyboy House P   / 3k NE of Athboy Athboy 2  O  Airstrip Meath 42/N74142 65902 53.38·25.8564N  6.52·73.6982W      80m 261ft 00.00.1994-Active Private. 118.55mHz EIMH 10/28 500m x 18m Grass EI-CGV Piper Cub J5A was the very first aircraft to land here during 1994
89 Ballybrit Racecourse P     5k NE of Galway City   Helipad Galway 46/M33512 27720 53.17·83.8496N  8.59·66.9078W      50m 164ft 00.00.0000-Active Private.     Active area                      
90 Ballybrittas P*     6k SW of Monasteravin   Helistop Laois 55/N57412 07370 53.06·82.9868N  7.08·55.0374W ? 17.01.2001- Private.     Active area                      
91 Ballycashin P     5.25k SW of Waterford rail station Waterford 1  O-Butlerstown  O- Ballyshasin A  Microlight Airstrip Waterford 76/S57082 08898 53.13·73.8910N  7.09·86.9250W 60m 196ft 00.00.0000-Active Private.     17/35 160m x 09m Grass                  
92 Ballycassidy O     See St Angelo                         1215 Enniskillen 1  O - Rossahilly  O Aerodrome/Airfield/Airport/ Airfield  Fermanagh                                        
93 Ballycastle 1 P*     on the (SW?) edge of town   Landing Ground Antrim 05/D11100 41000 55.12·21.4399N  6.15·28.7536W      40m 131ft 00.00.1918-00.00.1920 RAF.         Grass                  
94 Ballycastle 2 P*                                          Ballycastle   Helistop Antrim 05/D11573 41084 55.12·25.3263N  6.14·83.9953W ? 15.10.1992- Private.                            
95 Ballyclare P*     9k NW of Newtonabbey   Microlight Airstrip? Antrim 15/J28796 91799 54.45·45.2910N  5.59·94.5455W ? 00.00.0000-Active? Private.         Grass                  
96 Ballyclemock P*     5.75k WSW of Adamstown Ballyclumuck A  Airstrip?? Crash site Wexford 77/S84900 22400 52.20·80.3291N  6.45·24.0122W ? 05.04.1981- Private.         Grass                  
97 Ballyconnell 3 O     See Slieve Russell Hotel          1256 Cranaghan O Helipad Cavan                                        
98 Ballycotton Lighthouse P /   1.5k E of Ballycotton   Helipad Cork 81/X01028 63737 51.49·56.1555N  7.59·10.5269W      46m 150ft 00.00.1974-Active Irish lights.     Active area     11m Dia concrete circle 30m W of lighthouse
99 Ballycummin  O      See Roche Castle                  1179 Limerick 3  O-Raheen 1  O            Field strip Limerick                                        
100 Ballycurry P     1.25k NW of Ashford   Field strip Wicklow 56/T26253 98476 53.01·32.6420N  6.07·09.4422W      69m 225ft 03.05.1980- Private.     N/S 500m  Grass                  
101 Ballydoyle Stud P     7k SSE of Cashel Cashel  O  Airstrip now Helipad only Tipperery 66/S10474 34024 52.27·45.9708N  7.50·75.3963W    120m 395ft 00.06.1975-Airstrip Closed Private.   EIFD 12/30           18/36 800m x 18m                903m x 12m Grass    closed                       Tarmac  closed In the past his stud farm was an active airstrip with two runways but now only accepts helicopters - Active helipad possibly at S11211 34420
102 Ballyedmond P /   4.25k SE of Rostrevor Rostrevor  O - Kilkeel  O  Helipad Down 29/J20383 14904 54.04·14.7937N  6.09·65.3333W       30m 98ft 00.00.1994-Active Private     Active areas         Two Helipads - one near the hanger-at grids shown plus Jet A1 fuel and night landings available-2nd pad possibly at grid ref J20239 14721 This helicopter operating area is probably closed now on the death of the owner on 13.03.2014
103 Ballyfore P*     7k ESE of Tyrrellspass   Microlight Airstrip? Store Offaly 48/N47900 35000 53.21·78.2448N  7.16·82.4588W ? 00.11.1992-Closed Private.         Grass                  
104 Ballyfree P /   6k SW of Rathnew   Airstrip Wicklow 56/T23706 92054 52.57·90.1118N  6.09·51.8107W      81m 265ft 03.06.1967-00.00.1980 Private. 122.9mHz                      04/22 687m x 20m Grass                  
105 Ballygar P*                                              Ballygar   Helistop Galway 40/M78330 52605 53.31·37.7684N  8.19·60.5957W ? 18.06.2000- Private.     Active area                      
106 Ballygarvan P /   6k S of Cork city Cork Airport  O  Airport Cork 87/W66095 65742 51.50·58.1183N  8.29·52.0527W    145m 474ft 12.10.1961-Active Civil. 119.3mHz EICK 07/25           17/35 to 16/34 1310m x 45m             2133m x 45m Concrete                    Concrete due to magnetic veriation the designation for runway 17/35 was changed to 16/34 on 28.04.2016  -  the designation 17/35 had applied since the airport opened 10.1961
107 Golan P /   3.5k ENE of Ballygawley the roundabout Ballygawley 1  O Helipad Tyrone 19/H66167 58104 54.28·02.1295N  6.58·76.4601W      145m 474ft 00.00.1991-Active Private.     Active area     West of the main buildings W side of the Goland Road
108 Ballygillane Big P     1.5k SSW of Harbour railway station Rosslare  S Helipad Wexford 77/T12919 11257 52.14·49.3530N  6.20·80.1426W        14m 45ft 30.01.1975-Active Irish Lights.     Active area     9m tarmac circle within the compound area
109 Ballygowran P                                    Ballygowran Location unknown Helistop Location? ?     ? 12.01.1991- Private.                            
110 Ballyhalbert 1 P /   500m W of Ballyhalbert HMS Corncrake I  O  Aerodrome/Airfield Down 21/J63863 63879 54.29·80.5074N  5.27·22.6747W       08m 26ft 28.06.1941-00.00.1946? RAF/FAA/RN/RAFCC     02/20           08/26           14/32 2000yds X 50yds     1147yds X 50yds     1093yds X 50yds Tarmac                        Tarmac                        Tarmac                  
111 Ballyhaunis P*                                     Ballyhaunis   Helistop Mayo 39/M49455 79726 53.45·87.9419N  8.46·91.3131W ? 28.08.2000- Private.     Active area                      
112 Ballyheelan O     See Killykeen                        0814 Kilnaleck 1   O  Airstrip Cavan                                        
113 Ballyheen South P     4k NE of Kanturk Kanturk  O  Field strip Cork 73/R41727 04315 52.11·21.0247N  8.51·12.9244W      100m 327ft 13.07.1937- Private.         Grass                  
114 Ballyholme Bay P     1k E of Bangor   Beach Strip Down 15/J52408 82539 54.40·06.9477N  5.38·24.5681W      Sea Level 00.06.1914- Private.         Sand                  
115 Ballyjamesduff 1 O     See Station Road                    1269 Station Road  O  Road strip Cavan                                        
116 Ballyjamesduff 2 O     See Fort Lodge                       1512 Ramonan  O  Airstrip Cavan                                        
117 Ballykelly 1 P /   1k N of Ballykelly   Aerodrome/Airfield Derry 04/C62869 24158 55.03·64.6945N  7.00·95.8809W       04m 13ft 00.04.1941-Active RAF/RN/RAF.   EGQB 03/21           08/26           15/33 2000yds X 50yds     2000yds X 50yds     1100yds X 50yds Concrete                    Concrete                    Concrete plus 2 H marked helipads at C63526 24759 in the NE area of the airfield 
118 Ballykelly 2 P     centre of Ballykelly Airfield   Free fall parachute drop zone Derry 04/C63078 23856 55.03·48.4092N  7.00·95.4351W       10m 33ft 00.00.0000-00.00.2009 AAC.     Active area 3 concentric circles on  disused runway 13/25 500m SE of the 08 displaced threshold
119 Ballykinlar O     See Abercorn Barracks           0009   Helibase Down                                        
120 Ballymacmoriarty 1 P*     3k NNE of Clonmany Ballyliffin 1  O Airship patrol station Donegal 03/C40100 50600 55.18·03.9865N  7.22·11.5023W       14m 45ft 00.07.1916-00.00.1919 RNAS.     Active area   Grass                  
121 Ballymacmoriarty 3 P     1.75k NE of Ballyliffin Ballyliffin 2  O Forced landing beach Donegal 03/C40000 49242 55.17·30.8435N  7.22·22.1079W       05m 16ft 1941/1942- Private.     N/S        350yds x 20yds                           Grass                  
122 Ballyliffin Golf Club P     3.25k NE of Clonmany Ballymacmoriarty 4  O Helipads [two] Donegal 03/C39816 49498 55.17·44.7297N  7.22·32.2669W       08m 27ft 00.00.1991-Active Private.     Active area two pads 150m S of the club house-grass area Hx2 marked W side of the entrance driveway
123 Ballymacaw P*     4k WSW of Dunmore   Airstrip Waterford 76/S65158 00206 52.15·07.6453N  7.03·95.4718W ? 00.08.1983-Active ? Private.         Grass                  
124 Ballymahon 1 P*                                     Ballymahon   Helistop Longford 41/N15798 57199 53.33·86.7045N  7.45·69.2747W ? 04.08.1999-Active ? Private.     Active area   Grass?                  
125 Ballymahon 2 O     See Newcastle Hotel               1089   Balloon Launch site Longford                                        
126 Ballymaloe House P*     3k WNW of Shanagarry Ballymoloe  A  Airstrip Cork 81/W94952 68093 51.51·90.9435N  8.04·39.7359W       12m 39ft 01.07.1992-Active ? Private.         Grass                  
127 Ballymascanlon Hotel P     4.25k NW of Dundalk   Helipad Louth 36/J07913 10396 54.02·88.4296N  6.21·17.4351W       05m 16ft 19.04.2001-Active Private.     Active area Golf course fairway Grass                  
128 Ballymena 1 P*     3k NE of Ballymena   Landing Ground Antrim 09/D12924 03997 54.52·25.3928N  6.14·44.6682W         46m 150ft 00.00.1940- RAF.         Grass                  
129 Ballymena 2 O     See Saint Patricks Barracks     1219   Helibase Antrim                                        
130 Ballymena 3 P*                                       Ballymena   Helistop Antrim 09/D10230 03372 54.51·95.3183N  6.16·97.7860W ? 31.07.1992- Private.     Active area   Grass                  
131 Ballymena 4 O     See Dunnyvadden 0566    Airstrip Antrim                                        
132 Ballymena 5 O     See Galgorm Manor                0635   Helipad Antrim                                        
133 Ballymiscaw P*     1k NE of Stormont Castle   Glider field Down 15/J41012 76291 54.36·90.2790N  6.49·01.6700W ? 00.03.1931- Private.         Grass                  
134 Ballymoney 1 O     See Ballywattick Lower            2290 Ballymoney 1 O Airstrip Antrim                                        
135 Ballymooney P     2.5k E of Portlaoise railway station Maryborough 3  O-Portlaoise 3  O-Broomfield 1 O-Ballymoney 3  A  Field strip Laois 54/S49336 98562 53.02·12.9551N  7.15·86.7941W    110m 360ft 12.05.1933-12.06.1937 Private.     16/34  500yds Grass 18.7 acre field was listed as a possible Irish Air Corps temporary Landing Ground in 1933. Site used by the flying circuses in 1933, 1936 & 1937 for their displays
136 Ballymore 1  P*     Possibly 3.5k SE of Camolin   Ballymore Demense?? Field strip? Wexford? 69/T09712 51319 52.36·07.6558N 6.22·49.7516W    60m 196ft 28.09.1996- Private.                            
137 Ballymore 2 P*     4k SW of Boyle Boyle 1   O  Field strip Roscommon 33/M78207 98999 54.56·38.9442N  8.19·91.3225W ? 18.09.1933-08.06.1936 Private.         Grass                  
138 Ballymore Eustace 1 O     See Boleybeg                        0223 Brannockstown  O - Donode Little  O  Airstrip Kildare                                        
139 Ballymore Eustace 2 P*                           Ballymore Eustace   Helipad Kildare 55/N92698 09898 53.07·89.4845N  6.36·89.3287W ? 00.07.1998-Active Private.     Active area                      
140 Ballymun P*                                        Ballymun   Helistop Dublin 50/O15012 39938 53.23·82.3660N  6.16·24.5795W ? 08.06.1993- Private.     Active area                      
141 Ballydyne P*       Ballynahinch 1  O Airstrip Down 20/J36528 52756 54.24·29.8464N  5.53·83.1663W ? 00.00.0000-Active Private.         Grass                  
142 Ballynahinch Castle P     10k W of Recess   Helipad Galway 44/L76176 47203 53.27·61.9086N  9.51·87.0405W       05m 16ft 00.00.0000-Active Private.     Active area lawn 50m W of the Hotel Grass                  
143 Ballynakill  O     see Waterford Castle Hotel      1375 Little Island    O-Ballinakill 1  A Helipad Waterford                                        
144 Ballynakill Harbour P     8k N of Clifden   Marine Galway 37/L68566 59590 53.34·18.3027N 9.59·05.2934W       Sea level 00.09.1928- Private.     Active area     SW of Jetty on northern shore Harbour covers very large area
145 Ballynamuck P*     2k NW of Dungarvan Dungarvan  O - Ballinamuck  A Field strip Waterford 82/X23587 94305 52.06·01.6579N  7.39·34.5172W       15m 49ft 14.09.1933-05.06.1937 Private.     Active area possibly this field which  was 18 acres in 1933                  
146 Ballynascarty P*     7k ENE of Midleton   Helistop Cork 81/W93526 75601 51.55·95.7598N  8.05·64.8009W ? 24.10.1997- Private.                      
147 Ballyneale Stud Farm P     3k SSE of Ballingarry Ballingarry 2  O  Airstrip Limerick 65/R43149 33298 52.26·89.6844N  8.50·17.5442W    120m 393ft 00.00.0000-Active? Private.     09/27 790m x 18m Grass                  
148 Ballynoe P*     3k SSW of Fermoy Fermoy 2  O  Store Cork 81/W80304 96851 52.07·39.8679N  8.17·25.6391W      65m 212ft 00.04.1967-Current? Private.                            
149 Ballyporeen P*                                     Ballyporeen   Helipad Tipperary 74/R93291 13325 52.16·30.1224N  8.05·89.7570W ? 03.06.1984-03.06.1984 Private/US Military.         Grass                  
150 Ballyquirk P     12k W of Youghal Killeagh   O Airship Patrol Station Cork 81/W98432 75390 51.55·84.5936N  8.01·36.7880W       21m 68ft 00.00.1918-00.00.1918 Royal Navy Not completed     Active area     grid show centre of the 365 acres-taking in parts of the townlands of Ballyquirke, Knocknskagh and Ballindinis  
151 Sheegys - Sheegus P*       Ballyshannon 1  O Store? Donegal 16/G85858 62572 54.30·67.6506N  8.13·10.1877W ? 09.06.1998-Current?? Private.         Grass?                  
152 Ballyshannon 2 P*                                   Ballyshannon   Helipad Donegal 16/G87939 61726 54.30·23.3704N  8.11·17.1866W ? 23.03.1994-Active Private.     Active area                      
153 Ballyshasin  A     See Ballycashin                      0091 Waterford 1   O Microlight Airstrip Waterford                                        
154 Ballywalter 1 P*     1.5k NW of Ballywalter   Landing Ground Down 21/J61680 70216 54.33·25.9874N  5.30·03.8125W       15m 43ft 00.00.1918-00.00.1920 RAF.         Grass                  
155 Ballywalter 2 P     1.5k S of Ballywalter   Satellite Landing Ground Down 21/J63044 67536 54.31·79.0341N  5.28·86.3280W       09m 29ft 01.06.1941-14.03.1945 RAF.     15/33 750yds x 20yds Grass                  
156 Ballywalter 3 O     See Mill Isle                           1013   Airfield (not constructed) Down                                        
157 Balmoral O     See Musgrave Park                 1058   Aerodrome [potential site] Belfast City             gyrocopter G-ARWW    or       G-BIPZ displayedhere mid 1980's-confirmation required for which gyro used and the actual date
158 Balmoral Showground P     4.5kSW of Belfast City Hall   Landing Ground/Field strip Belfast City 15/J31380 70314 54.33·83.8641N  5.58·11.7580W       15m 49ft 21.09.1912- Private.     omni-directional 600yds minimum Grass Henry James Astley gave a display here 21.09.1912 and gyrocopter G-ARWW  or G-BIPZ displayed possibly  25.08.1984? Confirmation  required for date and gyro used
159 Baltinglass P*                                      Baltinglass   Airstrip Wicklow 61/S86919 88424 52.56·37.7543N  6.42·41.9969W ? 08.07.1986-23.04.1987 Private.         Grass                  
160 Cavan Town 1 P     Farnham Street Cavan town   Store Cavan 34/H41809 04791 53.59·43.7967N  7.21·75.0138W      65m 213ft 00.00.1986-00.00.1999 Private.     Non-op     Store used  for the rebuild of Gardan  GY-80 Horizon EI-AYB between 1986-1998
161 Banbridge O     See Drumnahare                    1585 Loughbrickland   O  Microlight Airstrip Down                     Grass                  
162 Bandon O     See Kilcolman Park Farm         0769 Enniskean  O Airstrip Cork                                        
163 Banemore P     3.75k SE of Limerick City ?Rathbane House?  O - Bawnmore  A Field strip Limerick 65/R59826 54533 52.38·43.5797N  8.35·61.1815W       26m 85ft 24.05.1936-14.06.1937 Private.     Omni-directional 400yds minimum Grass  
164 Bangor 1 P*                                           Bangor   Landing Ground Down 15/J50631 80630 54.39·07.3315N  5.39·95.5885W ? 00.00.1918-00.00.1919 USN.         Grass                  
165 Bangor 2 O     See Groomsport                     0694   AA Landing Ground Down                                        
166 Cotton P*     ?4.5k ESE of Bangor at Hopefield? Bangor 3  O Microlight Airstrip? Down 15/J54776 79994 54.38·657N  5.36·192W ? 00.00.0000-Active? Private        Confirmation    required of strip   here                  18/36? 360m x 20m? Grass if there is-possible site at grids and co-ords shown
167 Bannfoot O /   See Derrytrasna                    1725 Portadown 3   O-Lough Neagh 3  O   Airstrip Armagh                                        
168 Bannow P     5.5k SSW of Wellingtonbridge Grange 1  O - Wellingtonbridge  O Store Wexford 77/S85325 09799 52.14·00.5738N  6.45·05.7332W       45m 147ft 00.11.1993-Current Private.     Non-op                      
169 Bantry House P     1k WSW of Bantry town centre   Store Cork 85/V98649 48286 51.40·69.1012N  9.27·05.8645W      35m 115ft 00.00.1940-00.04.1945 Private/Irish Army           Lawns N of  the house  were used to store there mains of crashed foreign military aircraft from the Cork/Kerry mountains during WW2
170 Bantry 2 P /   2.5k W of Bantry   Airstrip Cork 85/V97166 48251 51.40·64.5212N  9.29·21.1354W       02m 07ft 00.00.1970-Active Private. 122.4mHz EIBN 07/25 450m Asphalt                  
171 Bantry 3 P*                                            Bantry   Microlight Airstrip Cork 85/V94450 42130 51.37·31.4999N  9.31·45.5891W ? 25.10.1999-24.08.2000 Private.         Grass                  
172 Bantry Hospital P     500m S of Bantry town centre   Helipad Cork 85/V99749 48158 51.40·62.3075N  9.26·96.9681W       30m 98ft 00.00.0000-Active Private.     Active area     Hard circle on lawn area building 50m N of main hospital buildings
173 Bantry House Hotel P     1k WSW of Bantry town centre   Helipad Cork 85/V98689 48296 51.40·68.6069N  9.27·89.1334W      35m 115ft 00.00.0000-Active Private.     Active area   Grass Lawns N of hotel
174 Barberstown Castle P     6.75k S of Maynooth   Helipad Kildare 50/N92582 31147 53.19·34.9699N  6.36·62.7229W      73m 240ft 00.00.0000-Active Private.     Active area   Gravel Staff car park
175 Bargy Castle P     9.2k SW of Rosslare   Helipad Wexford 77/T02995 08903 52.13·34.1518N  6.29·55.9080W       10m 33ft                            00.00.0000-Active Private.     Active area   Grass Garden S of the castle
176 Barons Court P     5k SW of Newtownstewart   Helipad Tyrone 12/H36239 82911 54.41·57.3955N  7.26·27.3085W      59m 194ft 00.00.0000-Active Private.     Active area   Grass Lawn to N of main House
177 Barrow House P     4.75k WSW of Ardfert   Helipad Kerry 71/Q73832 18097 52.18·00.7941N  9.50·98.4938W        18m 60ft 16.07.1994-Active? Private.     Active area     Hard area between the house and the sea-also some grass areas to W  and N of the house
178 Bartlemy P*     2k S of Rathcormick Kilshannig  O Microlight Airstrip Cork 81/W82733 88860 52.03·09.4206N  8.15·10.4015W      90m 294ft 00.01.1983-00.00.1997 Private.         Grass                  
179 Batterstown P     2k N of Navan Navan 6  O Microlight Airstrip Meath 42/N87511 69983 53.40·33.4406N  6.40·54.2756W      50m 164ft 25.01.1990-00.11.1991 Private.         Grass                  
180 Bawnmore A     See Rathbane House              1131   Landing Ground Limerick                                        
181 Bearhaven O     See Castletown Bearhaven1   0364 Berehaven  A Kite Balloon Station Cork                                        
182 Bear Island 1 O     See Rerrin 1                          2341 Bere Island 1  A Landing Ground Cork                                        
183 Beaumont Hospital P*     6k NNE of O'Connells St bridge Helipad Dublin 50/O18033 39044 53.23·30.1924N  6.13·54.1949W      44m 144ft 00.00.0000-Active Private.     Active area   Concrete circle                  
184 Belfast 1 O     See Belfast City                     0188   Field strip Belfast City                                        
185 Belfast 2 O     See Aldergrove                      0022   Aerodrome/Airfield/Airport Antrim                                        
186 Belfast 3 O     See Malone Air Park               0983 Taughmanag  A-Taughmonagh  O Municiple Aerodrome/Airstrip Belfast City                                        
187 Belfast 4 O     See Nutts Corner                   0272 HMS Pintail  O Aerodrome/Airfield/Airport Antrim                                        
188 Belfast City P / / 4k NE of Belfast City Hall Lagan Site  O-Sydenham 1  O-HMS Gadwall  O-Belfast 1  O-Belfast Harbour 2-  O Aerodrome/Airfield/Airport Belfast City 15/J37474 76540 54.37·09.5441N  5.52·29.3516W       05m 16ft 06.03.1938-Active Civil/RN/Civil. 130.75mHz EGAC 04/22           13/31           14/32     1829m x 61m          1100yds x 67yds     1100yds x 67yds Concrete                    Concrete                    Concrete/Grass both cross runways 13/31 and 14/32 ceased to be used  
189 Belfast Harbour 1 O     See Musgrave Channell     P    1057 Sydenham 2  O Marine Belfast City                                        
190 Belfast Harbour 2 O     See Belfast City                     0188 Lagan Site  O-Sydenham 1  O-HMS Gadwall  O-Belfast 1  O-Belfast Harbour 2- O Aerodrome/Airfield/Airport Belfast City                                        
191 Belfast Lough O     See Cultra                             0475   Marine Down                                        
192 Belfield P*     5.5k SE of O'Connells St Bridge   Helistop Dublin 50/O18944 30018 53.18·42.5686N  6.12·92.4111W       25m 82ft 12.07.1991- Private.                            
193 Bellacorick Power Station P     10.75k ESE of Bangor Bellacorrick  O Helipad Mayo 23/F96891 20279 54.07·26.9145N  9.34·62.9758W      80m 262ft 09.01.1998-Active Private.     Active area     Grass N of the cooling tower
194 Bellarena 1 P   / 9k NNW of Limavady Oughtymoyle  O-Magilligan 2  O Glider field Derry 04/C65708 31718 55.07·69.9137N  6.58·18.8484W       06m 20ft 00.04.1978-00.12.1993 Private. 130.1mHz   11/29             14/32   600m                          550m Grass                             Grass                  
195 Bellarena 2 P   / 10k NNW of Limavady Ballyscullion  O-Magilligan 2  O Glider field Derry 04/C65835 32924 55.08·34.8876N  6.58·05.2712W       06m 20ft 00.12.1993-Active Private. 130.1mHz   13/31 850m Grass                  
196 Belleek P*     6k E of Newtownhamilton Belleeks  A Helibase Armagh 28/H98806 27126 54.11·00.9697N  6.29·18.3256W ? 00.00.0000-Closed 2008 British Army/RAF.     Active area                      
197 Bellewstown P*     7.75k S of Drogheda   Helistop Meath 43/O08858 67333 43.38·66.5863N  6.21·23.3986W ? 18.06.1979- Private.     Active area                      
198 Belmullet P /   2.75k W of Belmullet Emleybeg North  O Airstrip Mayo 22/F67561 32330 54.13·35.8963N 10.01·84.8951W      46m 150ft 00.06.1977-Active Private. 123.6mHz EIBT 07/25 450m x 30m Grass                  
199 Belmullet (Industrial Estate) O     See Atticonaun                       2389 SELC  O Helipad Mayo                                        
200 Belvidere House [note spelling] P     2.4k N of the Spire, O'Connell Street Drumcondra  O-Belvedere  A Balloon Launch Site Dublin 50/O16170 37091 53.22·269N  6.15·253W        16m 52ft 01.10.1812- Private     Active area     now St Patricks (Belvedere Collage). garden to the E of the house was the possible launch site in 1812
201 Belvelly P     4k N of Cobh Cobh 2  O Field strip Cork 87/W79518 70488 51.53·17.9782N  8.17·85.0574W        10m 33ft 16.05.1936?-10.07.1937 Private.     NW/SE 600yds x 100yds Grass                  
202 Benone Strand P     6k W of Castlerock Magilligan 1  O-Downhill 1  O Glider Site/Beach Derry 04/C70514 36524 55.10·24.9520N  6.53·59.6714W       Sea Level 00.00.1930-Active Private.     E/W 1750m x 100m +/- Sand                  
203 Bentra 1 P     1.75k NW of Whitehead rail station Larne  O                                Airship Patrol Station Antrim 15/J46249 93143 54.45·89.0372N  5.43·64.9822W        09m 29ft 00.00.1917-00.00.1918 RNAS.     Active area     grids show the location of the hangar-the fields to the E of the manouvering areas are where the fixed wing aeroplanes operated from
204 Berehaven  A     See Castletown Bearhaven 1    0364 Barehaven  O Kite Balloon Station Cork                                        
205 Bessbrook Mill P     3k NW of Newry   Helibase Armagh 29/J05090 28587 54.11·72.2102N  6.23·37.9203W      66m 216ft 00.00.0000-00.00.2008 RAF/British Army.     Active area                      
206 Bettystown 1 P     7k ESE of Drogheda   Helistop Meath 43/O15987 73405 53.41·84.6124N  6.14·62.2433W        06m 20ft 22.08.1991- Private.     Active area                      
207 Bigmeadow P     500m S of Athlone bridge Athlone 2  O Field strip Westmeath 47/N03753 40896 53.25·09.0716N  7.56·61.2803W      43m 140ft 30.09.1933-14.05.1936 Private.     N/S     grids show probabal site used. Although local info claims use of the Big Meadow was unlikely because it flooded regularly-but I think there were times when the area was dry enough for occasional use by the flying circus when needed 
208 Birr 1 O     See Crinkill 1                         2284   Landing Ground Offaly                                        
209 Birr 2 P   / 3k S of Birr Crinkill 2  O                    Airfield Offaly 53/N06879 02255 53.04·25.4563N  7.53·84.1564W      74m 242ft 00.00.1971-Active Private. 122.95mHz EIBR 18/36           07/25 511m (550m x 18m)    300m  Disused Grass                              Grass                  
210 Birr Castle P     200m W of Birr town centre   Balloon Launch Site Offaly 53/N05677 05024 53.05·74.8408N  7.53·91.4715W      40m 131ft 00.09.1998- Private.     Active area     Possible launch site lawn just NE of the castle
211 Bishops Court 1 P     5k NNE of Ardglass   Airfield Down 21/J57856 42635 54.18·45.7589N  5.34·46.1968W        15m 50ft 00.05.1943-00.00.1990 RAF.     06/24           12/30           18/36 2000yds x 50yds      1400yds x 50yds     1400yds x 50yds Concrete                    Concrete                    Concrete  
212 Black Banks P /   1.5k N of Mount Leinster summit Mount Leinster  O  Hang-gliding+Paragliding Site Carlow 68/S82459 54069 52.37·89.9120N  6.46·91.8811W  644m 2106ft 00.00.1970s-Active Private.     N,W & S   Grass                  
213 Blackditch P*     2k E of Duleek Duleek  O                              Airstrip?? Meath 43/O06259 68367 53.39·25.5164N  6.23·56.0035W ? 00.00.0000-? Private.         Grass                  
214 Blackrock 1 O     7.5k SE of O'Connells St Bridge possibly Bootherstown Helipad? Dublin                                      
215 The Streams P     4.5k WSW of Sallins railway station Caragh  O Balloon store Kildare 49/N84995 21334 53.14·13.6199N  6.43·61.4603W      76m 250ft 06.07.1994-00.00.2003 Private.                            
216 Blackrock Lighthouse 1 P     11k NNW off Achill Head   Helipad Mayo 22/F48151 15549 54.04-016N 10.19·231W      10m 33ft 00.00.1969-Active Irish Lights     Active area 10m circle Concrete  10m outer and inner white ringed circle with centered H 20m WNW of lighthouse  
217 Blackwater O     See Rosmadda West               1474 Ardnacrusha  O-Parteen 1  O- Limerick 8  O Airstrip Clare                                        
218 Blanchardstown P*                               Blanchardstown   Helistop Dublin 50/O06981 38953 53.23·39.4210N  6.23·50.7374W ? 28.10.2000- Private.     Active area                      
219 Blaris P     4k W of Lisburn Lisburn 1  O Landing Ground Antrim 20/J22884 64858 54.31·02.7183N  6.06·13.0954W      45m 147ft 00.00.1940-00.01.1946 RAF.     E/W 700yds Grass                  
220 Blessington O     See Avon Ri                           2331 Burgage More  O Helipad Wicklow                                        
221 Bloomfield 1 O     See Ballymooney                    0135   Field strip Laois                                        
222 Boa Island P     3.5k S of Pettigoe Rock Bay  O Marine Aerodrome Fermanagh 17/H11501 63159 54.30·99.7171N  7.49·34.3647W      44m 144ft 31.05.1944-22.05.1945 RAF     Active Area N of Cruninish Island Water Lower Lough Erne water level is at 44m amsl
223 Boleybeg P     4.5k SW of Ballymore Eustace Brannockstown  O-Brannockstown  O-Donode Little XX never was an av site  Microlight Airstrip Kildare 55/N88842 07439 53.06·60.8570N  6.40·38.9846W    199m 650ft 00.01.1982-00.00.2006 Private     02/20 340m x 04m Grass                  
224 Broomfield P*     6k SSE of Castleblaney Helipad Monaghan 28/H85003 13968 54.04·06.6420N  6.42·08.8018W ? 10.05.1999-Active Private.     Active area                      
225 Derrymore House   P /   4k WSW of Holycross Knockaderry  O-Holycross 2  O Helipad Tipperary 66/S04700 53453 52.37·941N  7.55·827W      82m 268ft 00.00.1990's-Active Private     Active area 15m x 10m concrete area Concrete?/Grass store 100m N of house-concrete area E of store & field N of store probabal landing areas-windsock in field corner beside road hedge-G-JANI Robinson R.44 Astro (0110) was based here
226 Borrisoleigh 1 O     See Garrane                          0644   Airstrip Tipperary                                        
227 Borrisoleigh 2 O     See Rathmoy                         1149   Airstrip Tipperary                                        
228 Belfast Botanic Gardens O     See Botanic Gardens      P       1533   Balloon Launch Site Belfast City                                        
229 Boyle 1 O     See Ballymore 2                     0137   Airstrip Roscommon                                        
230 Boyle 2 P*                                             Boyle   Helistop Roscommon 33/G80267 02203 53.58·12.1651N  8.18·04.3724W ? 18.04.1997- Private.                            
231 Braganstown Farms P     3.75k W of Castlebellingham Castlebellingham  O Helipad Louth 36/O02187 94891 53.53·59.8169N  6.26·72.7304W        12m 40ft 06.07.1981-Active Private     Active area     10m concrete landing pad 200m SE of the house to E of hangar
232 Brannockstown O     See Boleybeg                         0223 Ballymore Eustace  O-Donode Little         XX never was an aviation site Microlight Airstrip Kildare                                        
233 Newcourt 1 P*     130m E of Bray beach                        Bray 1  O Helipad Wicklow 56/O27657 17868 53.11·755N  6.05·366W        17m 56ft 02.04.1992-Active Private     Active area     22m concrete circle 130m E of of the southern end of Bray beach-S beside Bray/Greystone cliff walk
234 Bridgend P*                                         Bridgend   Helistop Donegal 07/C39440 21769 55.02·50.4118N  7.22·97.9010W ? 20.01.1999- Private.     Active area                      
235 Brittas Bay P /   10k NE of Arklow   Airstrip Wicklow 62/T30572 80577 52.51·61.8615N  6.03·66.6316W        15m 50ft 00.00.1991-00.00.1996 Private 118.25mHz EIBB 11/29           16/34           07/25 620m                          602m                          540m X 15m Grass                             Grass                             Grass                  
236 Broomhill P*     4k W of Mitchelstown Mitchelstown  O Field strip Cork 73/R77924 12052 52.15·59.0799N  8.19·40.0693W ? 07.06.1937-11.07.1937 Private.         Grass                  
237 Brook Lodge O     See The Brook Lodge              1303 Macreddin  O Balloon Launch Site Wicklow                                      
238 Broughshane P*     5k NE of Ballymena   Helistop Antrim 09/D14626 06627 54.53·64.7660N  6.12·79.3919W ? 16.05.1997- Private.     Active area   Grass                  
239 Brownsbarn O     See Citywest Hotel                  0377 Helipad Dublin                                        
240 Bull Rock Lighthouse P     4.5k WNW of W tip of Dursey Island The Bull  O Helipad Kerry 84/V38858 40588 51.35·521N 10.18·073W      68m 222ft 00.10.1969-Active Irish Lights     Active area's 20m E of buildings Reinforced Concrete platform two helipads at this site, one 50m W of the buildings with a concrete circle, possibly disused?, second is active and constructed on an overhanging reinforced concrete platform 20m E of buildings
241 Bunbeg Industrial Estate O     See Ardnacrappary Helipad Donegal         11.03.1992- Private.     Active area                      
242 Buncrana 1 O     See White Strand                    1401   Beach strip Donegal                                        
243 Buncrana 2 P*                                        Buncrana   Airstrip? Donegal 03/C34505 32686 55.08·41.0160N  7.27·53.1487W ? 10.12.1980-00.07.1984 Private.         Grass                  
244 Buncrana 3 P*                                        Buncrana Airstrip? Donegal 03/C34505 32686 55.08·41.0160N  7.27·53.1487W ? 23.10.1996-25.04.2002 Private.                            
245 Tullyarvan   P     2.52k N of Buncrana Buncrana 4  O Helipad Donegal 03/C34973 34485 55.09·37.7788N  7.27·07.8320W       79m 258ft 27.03.1998-Closed Private.     Active area lawn in front of house Grass                  
246 Bundoran 1 O     See Ellesmere Park                 0582   Field strip Donegal                                        
247 Bundoran Beach P     N of Bundoran Sof Great N'ern Hotel   Beach Strip Donegal 16/G81612 58708 54.28·58.5271N  8.17·02.1482W       Sea Level 30.05.1992-              N/S 250m x 100m Sand                  
248 Great Nothern Hotel P     600m N of Main Street & Central La Bundoran 3 O Helipad Donegal 16/G82081 59630 54.29·088N  8.16·387W       15m 49ft 10.02.1998-Active Private     Active area 70m x 10m Grass grass area S side of the entrance road between carpark & golf course-100m NE of the beach
249 Bunratty O     See Shannon Shamrock Hotel  1236 Fitzpatricks Hotel  O Helipad Clare                                        
250 Burnfoot P*                                        Burnfoot   Helistop Donegal 07/C38006 23273 55.03·32.1345N  7.24·31.2845W ? 24.08.1998- Private.     Active area                      
251 Bushmills O     probably Bushmills Inn below   Helipad Antrim                                        
252 Buttevant 1 P*                                        Buttevant   Landing Ground Cork 73/R53555 09310 52.14·02.1234N  8.40·79.3119W ? 00.00.1918-00.00.1922 RAF.         Grass                  
253 Buttevant 2 P*                                        Buttevant   Airstrip Cork 73/R54582 08725 52.13·71.5836N  8.39·88.6744W ? 28.11.1998-Active ? Private.         Grass                  
254 Caher 1 O     See Parade Field                     0289 Kilcommon North 1  O-Parade Ground  A Field strip Tipperary                                        
255 Caher 2 O     See Kilcoran                           2303 Cahir 1  A Airstrip Tipperary         00.04.1990-Active Private.         Grass                  
256 Caher 3 O     See Kilcommon North 2           2324 Cahir 2  A Helipad Tipperary                                        
257 Cahersiveen Hospital P     1k SW of Cahersiveen   Helipad Kerry 83/V46333 78994 51.56·51.6944N 10.14·09.7967W        15m 49ft 00.00.0000-Active Private.     Active area                      
258 Caledon O /   See Curlagh House                 1666 Curlough House  A Microlight Airstrip Tyrone                                        
259 Caledon Castle [House] P     1.75k SSW of Caledon   Helipad Tyrone 19/H74915 43555 54.20·119N  6.50·943W      53m 173ft 12.08.1988-Active? Private     Active area     4m x 4m square concrete pad with 10m track N to hangar-180m WNW of the house/castle
260 New Ross 3 P*                                        New Ross   Helistop Wexford 76/S71458 26948 52.23·39.1659N  6.57·06.7881W       06m 20ft  20.08.1993-Active? Private     Active area ?    
261 Dunmore P     7k S of Ballynahinch   Helipad Down 20/J35999 45468 54.20·388N  05.54·584W      161m 527ft 04.08.1999-29.11.2006 Private     Active area 15m x 15m landing area Concrete landing area NE of and adjacent large hangar/store-based here was G-WMAN Aerospatiale AS.341G Gazelle 1 (1277)    
262 Newry 2 O     Newry probably Rostrevor    1204   Helipad Down                                        
263 Newtown North P     14.25k SE of Loughrea Abbey  O-Ballinakill 3  O-            Newtown Abbey  O Airstrip Galway 52/M71773 05756 53.06·10.0164N  8.25·28.8200W       60m 196ft 00.06.1989-23.05.1993? Private     09/27 500m x 30m Grass                  
264 Cloonbrin O     See Abbeyshrule 2              0006   Airfield Longford                                        
265 Millford House P     1k W of Creggs Creggs  O Helipad Galway 40/M75105 60519 53.35·638N  8.22·554W      78m 255ft 26.05.2005-21.12.2009 Private     Active area 9m Circlular pad Concrete 80m E of the house and 100m N of road-temporarily based here was EI-JAC between 2005 & 2009
266 Newtownards 1 P / / 18.5k E of Belfast N'Ards O-Commons O Aerodrome/Airport/Airfield Down 15/J49373 72816 54.34·89.2239N  5.41·42.6522W        03m 10ft 31.08.1934-Active Civil/RAF/Private 128.3mHz EGAD 04/22           08/26           16/34 759m x 25m                619m x 46m                553m x 46m Asphalt                         Asphalt               Asphalt/Grass  
267 Newtownards 2 O     See Edenvale House            0577   Helipad Down                                        
268 Newtownards Showgrounds P     possibly 1.5k SSW of Newtownards town centre   Aerodrome not proceeded with Down 15/J49026 72967 54.34·97.9904N  5.41·74.3225W        03m 10ft 00.12.1933- Private     Non-op?                      
269 Newtowncunningham P*                        Newtowncunningham   Helipad Donegal 06/C30813 17101 55.00·02.6267N  7.31·15.5595W    zero ft AMSL 01.10.1997- Private     Active area ? Grass?                
270 North Wall P /   1.2k E of O'Connell Street Bridge Dublin 4  O Helipad Dublin 50/O16521 34735 53.21·01.4189N  6.15·08.1562W    4.6mm 15ft 27.08.1985-21.11.1991 Private     Active area 15m x 15m Concrete N bank of River Liffey on river bank W of Guild St junction
271 Nure More Hotel P     2k SE of Carrickmacross Carrickmacross  O Helipad Monaghan 35/H85716 02367 53.57·810N  6.41·627W       42m 137ft 00.00.0000-Active Private     Active area 20m x 35m Grass lawn between car park and golf course
272 Nutts Corner 1 P   / 5k SE of Aldergrove Airport Belfast 4  O Aerodrome/Airfield/Airport Antrim 14/J19292 77484 54.37·88.5906N  6.09·20.9924W     104m 340ft 00.06.1941-25.09.1963 RAF/Royal Navy/Civil     04/22           10/28           15/33 1600yds x 50yds     2000yds x 50yds     1200yds x 50yds Tarmac                        Tarmac                        Tarmac  
273 Nutts Corner 2 P*     5k SE of Aldergrove Airport   Helistop Antrim 14/J19403 77878 54.38·09.6331N  6.09·09.6632W ? 06.02.1998- Private     Active area                      
274 Oldcastle P*                                        Oldcastle   Airstrip Meath 35/N55879 79126 53.45·77.8591N  7.09·66.6253W ? 21.12.1949-24.01.1949 Private         Grass                  
275 Old Head Of Kinsale Golf Club P     11k S of Kinsale   Helipad Cork 87/W62955 39570 51.36·48.1844N  8.32·18.6767W      49m 160ft 00.08.1997-Active Private     Active area 65m x 15m  Grass lawn area 70m SW of the club house
276 Old Park P*   / 6.25k S of Lisburn Hillsborough 1  O Airstrip Down 20/J23946 59053 54.27·89.0059N  6.05·32.2795W      92m 301ft 31.12.1909- Private         Grass                  
277 Old Rectory P                                          Kiltegan Kiltegan 2  O Helipad Wicklow 62/S93989 84649 52.54·270N  6.36·170W     156m 510ft 00.00.0000-Active Private     Active area two large areas Grass two large fields E & W of driveway to the front of farm house-grids & co-ords on area directly in front of house possibly used as landing pad
278 Omagh 1 O     See Straughroy                   1923 Strathroy  A Aerodrome Tyrone                                        
279 Omagh 2 O     Probably Straughroy            1923               used by civil aircraft in the 30’s  Landing Ground Tyrone                                        
280 Omagh 3 O     See Lisanelly Barracks         0893   Helibase Tyrone                                        
281 Omagh 4 O     Probably Lisanelly                0893   Helistop-Helibase?? Tyrone                                        
282 Orangefield P     3k ESE of Belfast city hall Multyhogy  O Landing Ground Belfast City 15/J36988 72886 54.35·13.9974N  5.52·90.8073W        14m 46ft 00.00.1922- RAF                     N/S 350yds x 50yds Grass                  
283 Oranmore 1 P /   8.5k E of Eyre Square Galway city Carrowmoneash O Landing Ground/Aerodrome-Airport Galway 46/M38593 26260 53.17·00.1029N  8.55·128.4363W        14m 46ft 00.01.1918-00.00.1972 RAF/Private/Civil            ENE/WSW 700m x 40m Grass                  
284 Oranmore 2 O     See Deerpark Industrial Est 1615   Heliport Galway                                        
285 Oughterard O     See Currarevagh House       0482 Uachtar Ard  O Helipad Galway                                        
286 National Rehabilitation Hospital P     3k SSWof Dun Laoghaire Harbour Our Lady Of Lourdes Hospital  O Helipad Dublin 50/O23287 26565 53.16·504N  6.09·088W      52m 170ft 00.00.0000-Active Private       Active area 13m circle with centred H Tarmac at the SE end of hospital between the car park and the hospital buildings
287 Palace Barracks P     1.5k S of Hollywood Rail Station Hollywood  O-Kinnegar Camp  O Helibase Down 15/J39094 77580 54.37·634N  5.50·821W        26m 85ft 00.00.1970's-00.00.2008 British Army     Active area 3 @ 8m sq centred white H  Tarmac 3 square pads in triangle formation painted white on army barracks parade ground- gone by 2008 when the barracks were closed and buildings were constructed on the site of the pads 
288 Pallas West P     900m NW of Toomyvara Tobbervara  A Airstrip Tipperary 59/R96640 78797 52.51·610N  8.01·005W    125m 409ft 00.12.1980-Active Private 123.45mHz   13/31 landing 15/33 takeoff 367m x 15m                367m x 15m Grass                              Grass  
289 Parade Field P     3k SW of Caher Kilcommon North 1  O-Parade Ground  A-Caher 1  O Airstrip Tipperary 74/S03335 22126 52.21·07.0491N  7.57·10.7044W      70m 229ft 28.09.1933-08.07.2005   Private                    N/S 650yds x open Grass                  
290 Park Hotel P     400m SE of Kenmare town centre Kenmare 1  O Helipad Kerry 78/V91219 70689 51.52·69.8735N  9.34·83.0350W       17m 56ft 00.00.0000-Active Private     Active area at front of hotel Grass                  
291 Parknasilla Hotel P     3k SE of Sneem   Helipad Kerry 84/V70812 64137 51.48·90.6673N  9.52·45.5451W        07m 23ft 00.00.0000-Active Private     Active area's Jetty at front of Hotel or golf course 300m E                  
292 Parteen 1 O     See Rosmadda West            1474 Blackwater  O-Ardnacrusha  O-  Limerick 8  O Airstrip Clare                                        
293 Phoenix Park 1 O     See Fifteen Acres 1             0620   Airstrip/                 Emergency Landing Ground Dublin                                        
294 Sreelane P     4k ENE of Limerick city University of Limerick  O Store Limerick 65/R61243 58397 52.40·522N 08.34·387W        10m 33ft 00.00.1990's-03.09.2015 Engineering Department       5N-ABJ Boeing 707 cockpit was used by the Engeering Res earch department as a train  ing aid from the 1990's until it was removed to Atlantic  AiirV enture 03.09.3015 near Sh annon Airport        
295 Phoenix Park 2 O     See Aras An Uachtarain       0029 Fifteen Acres 2  O Helipad Dublin                                        
296 Phoenix Park Racecourse P     6k NW of O'Connell Street Bridge   Helipad Dublin 50/O10259 37246 53.22·44.7441N  6.20·64.5129W      54m 177ft 00.00.0000-00.00.1990 Private     Active area central area of racecourse Grass                  
297 Piltown P*     5k E of Carrick on Suir   Helipad Kilkenny 75/S45884 22419  52.21·11.3898N  7.19·64.1497W ? 08.05.1996-Active Private     Active area                      
298 Pontoon O     Probably Massbrook House   0994   Helistop Mayo                                        
299 Portadown 1 O     See Maghon                        0965 Mahon  A Helibase Armagh                                        
300 Portadown 2 P*                                      Portadown   Helipad Armagh 20/J00454 53085 54.24·98.5781N  6.27·20.2291W ? 13.08.1994-Active? Private     Active area                      
301 Calone O     See Redrock                          2061 Collone  A Microlight Airstrip Armagh         16.08.1995-Active                              
302 Camlough Mountain P     4k WSW of Newry   Helibase Armagh 29/J04904 24345 54.09·97.7250N  6.23·61.8091W   423m 1384ft 00.00.1976-00.00.2008 British Army     Active area 20m x 20m sq helicopter platform on the mountain top                  
303 Cammore  A     See Carnmore                        0315 Galway 2  O Airport Galway                                        
304 Campsey 1 P*     7k NE of the Foyle Bridge Campsie  A Field strip Derry 07/C50322 20943 55.01·99.8285N  7.12·77.4607W        09m 30ft 00.07.1908- Private         Grass                  
305 Campsey 2 P*     7k NE of the Foyle Bridge Campsie  A Helistop Derry 07/C50524 21257 55.02·16.8016N  7.12·58.1496W        09m 29ft 01.10.1997- Private     Active area   Grass                  
306 Cardenton  A     See Cardington  [below]         0307 Athy 1  O Field strip Kildare                                        
307 Cardington P*     1.5k NW of Athy Athy 1  O-Cardenton  A Field strip Kildare 55/S67304 95123 53.00·15.8190N  6.59·84.0778W      35m 115ft 00.08.1931-10.07.1937 Private               NW/SE? 600m ? Grass                  
308 Carlow 1 O     See Ballybar Lower                 0084   Field strip Carlow                                        
309 Carlow 2 O     See Killamaster                      0793   Airstrip Carlow                                        
310 Carlow 3 P*                                            Carlow   Helipad Carlow 61/S72443 76918 52.50·30.3539N  6.55·49.1751W ? 07.10.1998-Active Private     Active area                      
311 Carnamogagh O     See Mountain Top                   1476 Letterkenny 4  O Helistop Donegal                                        
312 Carndonagh P*                                    Carndonagh   Helipad Donegal 03/C46818 45391 55.15·19.7067N  7.14·40.7608W ? 19.03.1994-Active Private     Active area                      
313 Carnew 1 P*     14.5k WNW of Gorey   Helistop Wicklow 62/T01626 63357 52.42·71.0906N  6.29·76.5707W ? 15.08.1999- Private     Active area   Grass                  
314 Carnlough Hotel P*                                       Carnlough   Helipad Antrim 09/D28600 17979 54.59·55.9230N  5.59·42.8007W        10m 34ft 10.06.1992-Active Private     Active area   Grass                  
315 Carnmore P   / 8.5k ENE of Galway City Galway 2  O-Cammore  A Airstrip/Airport Galway 46/M37220 28179 53.18·01.9828N  8.56·50.5296W        24m 80ft 00.00.1962-00.10.2013 Civil 122.5mHz EICM [09/27]  08/26 1350m x 30m Tarmac/Asphalt                  
316 Carnsore Point P*     8.75k S of Rosslare Harbour   Helistop Wexford 77/T11831 03738 52.10·45.3885N  6.21·90.5757W        10m 33ft 02.02.2001- Private     Active area   Grass                  
317 Carrick P     ? Unknown Location  Airstrip? ? ? visitor EI-MCF Cessna 172   on 05.05.2000 05.05.2000- Private                            
318 Carrickart P / / 1k NW of Carrickart Ballyoghagan 1  O-Carrigart  A Microlight Airstrip Donegal 02/C12453 37384 55.11·00.4934N  7.48·26.9909W        01m 03ft 00.06.1981-Active Private                  01/19 400m x 15m Grass public road  01/19 450m x 03m Tarmac            
319 West Division P     750m W of Carrickfergus rail station                             Carrickfergus 1  O Helipad Antrim 15/J40453 87758 54.43·094N  5.49·265W        16m 52ft 12.07.1991-09.07.1992 Private     Active area yard at rear of garage Concrete confirmation  required  that  G-BRWD  Robinson R22 was ba sed at this location during 199 1-1992 possibly  in the yar d at the rear        
320 Carrickfergus 2 P*                                  Carrickfergus   Microlight Airstrip Antrim 15/J39691 89868 54.44·23.8295N  5.49·85.3147W ? 00.00.0000-Active? Private         Grass                  
321 Carrickfin P / / 2.25k NW of Annagary Donegal  O Airstrip/Airport Donegal 01/B78213 21936 55.02·65.9390N  8.20·45.2225W        08m 26ft 00.06.1977-Active Private/Civil 129.8mHz EIDL 03/21 1500m x 30m Asphalt                  
322 Carrickfin Strand P     500m NW of Carrickfin Airport   Beach Strip Donegal 01/B77884 21814 55.02·59.2339N  8.20·76.0237W       Sea Level 00.00.1975-Active Private.     01/19 500m x 20m Sand                  
323 Carrickglass O     See Cromleach Lodge             0468   Helipad Sligo                                        
324 Carrickmacross O     See Nure More Hotel               0271   Helipad Monaghan                                        
325 Carrick On Shannon 1 O     See Albert Lock                      0021 Jamestown Canal  O Marine Roscommon                                        
326 Carrick On Shannon 2 O     See Meera                             1004   Airstrip Roscommon                                        
327 Carrick On Suir P*                               Carrick On Suir   Helistop Tipperary 75/S39567 22030 52.20·91.2541N  7.25·15.7425W ? 13.08.1999- Private.     Active area   Grass                  
328 Carrigaline P*                                      Carrigaline   Microlight Airstrip Cork 87/W72388 62394 51.48·79.6401N  8.24·02.5267W ? 06.07.1994-Active? Private.         Grass                  
329 Carrigans O     See Monreagh                        1661   Airstrip Donegal                                        
330 Carrigans Meat Plant P     1.75k ESE of Carrigans   Helipad Donegal 07/C38504 11287 54.56·85.8595N  7.23·94.2032W        05m 16ft 00.00.1992-Active Private.     Active area E of main building                    
331 Carrigart  A     See Carrickart                        0318 Ballyoghagan 1  O  Airstrip Donegal                                        
332 Carrigtohill O     See Midleton 3                        1670   Store Cork                                        
333 Carrinmore P                                     Carrinmore Unknown Location  Helistop ? ?     ? 15.07.1999- Private.         Grass                  
334 Creevytenant P     8.5k S of Carryduff Carryduff 1  O Helipad Down 20/J35340 57111 54.26·674N  5.54·873W     114m 190ft 26.07.1991-Active Private.     Active area Rear of house 20m to NE concrete circle                  
335 Dunmore 1 P /   6.25k S of Ballynahinch Ballynahinch 2  O Helipad Down 20/J35922 45466 52.20·38.1191N  5.54·59.1269W    161m 527ft 04.08.1999-29.11.2006 Private.     Active area                      
336 Casement O     See Baldonnel                        0063 Mich Easmuinn  O Aerodrome/Airfield Dublin             123.5mHz EIME                        
337 Cashel 1 P*                                            Cashel   Temporary landing ground Tipperary 66/S07304 41126 52.31·29.2248N  7.53·54.3334W ? summer 1942- IAC.         Grass                  
338 Cashel 2 O     See Ballydoyle Stud    0101 or 0339   Airstrip Tipperary                                        
339 Cashel 3 O     See Ballydoyle Stud                0101   Helipad Tipperary                                        
340 Cashel 4 O     See Rockwell College              1185   Balloon Launch Site Tipperary                                        
341 Cashel House Hotel pad 1 P     12k ENE of Roundstone   Helipad Galway 44/L80113 42574 53.25·17.9032N  9.48·20.9716W        25m 82ft 00.00.1990-Active Private.     Active area jumping arena 300m E of the hotel                  
342 Cashel Palace Hotel P                           Main Street Cashel   Helipad Tipperary 66/S07561 40645 52.31·03.2793N  7.53·31.6752W    107m 352ft 00.00.0000-Active Private.     Active area Lawn at rear of hotel                    
343 Castle Archdale P / / 6.25k W of Irvinestown Lough Erne 1  O  Flying Boat Station/Marine Fermanagh 17/H17492 59170 54.28·83.6448N  7.43·80.6262W      46m 150ft 00.03.1941-Active RAF/RCAF/Private     Active area S&W of Innishmakill Is Water RAF  base closed  1946  but  marine bourn  aviation  still not ed  to this day            
344 Castlebar 1 P*                                        Castlebar   Field strip Mayo 31/M15969 89427 53.50·84.8987N  9.16·54.8759W ? 00.10.1912- Private.         Grass                  
345 Castlebar 2-Drumconlan  P /   1.5k E of Castlebar Old Aerodrome  O Landing Ground/Aerodrome Mayo 31/M16056 89874 53.51·09.0836N  9.16·54.3328W      50m 164ft 00.05.1918-07.06.1936 RAF/Private.                     E/W ? Grass                  
346 Castlebar 3-Knockrawer P   / 1.5k SE of Castlebar town hall   Airfield Mayo 31/M15870 89589 53.50·95.5355N  9.16·70.8116W      46m 150ft 00.07.1966-00.01.2002 Private. 122.6mHz EICB              06/24 610m x 21m Asphalt                  
347 Castlebar 5-Doogary P*     3k E of Castlebar town hall   Microlight Airstrip? Mayo 31/M17360 90279 53.51·32.1688N  9.15·36.1447W ? 13.01.1993-13.07.2000 Private.         Grass?                  
348 Castlebar Hospital O     See Mayo General Hospital       1000   Helipad Mayo                                        
349 Castlebellingham O     See Bragganstown Farms         0231               Helipad Louth                                        
350 Castleblayney O     See Bloomfield                       1675   Helipad Monaghan                                        
351 Castlebridge P     6.25k N of Wexford Bridge Wexford  O Airstrip Wexford 77/T04616 28546 52.23·91.2265N  6.27·77.0145W      73m 240ft 00.04.1964-31.12.1987 Private. 123.0mHz EICD              07/25 685m Grass                  
352 Castledermot 1 O     See Kilkea Castle Hotel            0780   Airstrip Kildare                                        
353 Castledermot 2 O     See Killamaster                       0793   Airstrip Carlow                                        
354 Castle Espie P     4k SE of Comber   Airstrip Down 15/J49219 67263 54.31·89.9034N  5.41·67.5206W        05m 16ft 00.00.1960-00.00.1980's Private.                  12/30 600m x 25m Hard                  
355 Castleforbes P     2k NW of Newton Forbes   Airstrip Longford 33/N09932 81618 53.47·04.0636N  7.50·95.8098W    52m 170ftft 00.00.1975-00.03.1994 Private.   EICS              15/33 1215m x 37m Grass                  
356 Castlefreke O     See The Long Strand               1764   Beach strip Cork                                        
357 Castlegrove House P /   6k NE of Letterkenny Letterkenny 2  O Helipad Donegal 06/C22513 15521 54.59·19.9413N  7.38·89.7172W        22m 74ft 00.00.1995-Active Private.     Active area lawn at front of house plus large field to the E at 54.59·20.9939N  & 07.38·86.5965W              
358 Castleisland P     5k N of Castleisland Fahaduff   O Helipad Kerry 71/R00221 14307 52.16·29.0490N  9.27·71.3326W    173m 565ft 18.09.1997-27.08.1999 Private.     Active area Truck storage yard Concrete                  
359 Carrickfergus 1 O     see West Division                    0319   Helipad Antrim                                        
360 Castleknock 2 O     See Strawberry Beds               1282 Westlink  O Helipad Dublin           Private.                            
361 Castle Leslie P*     600m NE of centre of Glaslough   Helipad Monaghan 19/H72161 41858 54.19·21.6069N  6.53·45.4991W      50m 164ft 09.06.2002-Active Private.     Active area lawn in front of Castle Grass                  
362 Castlemartyr P*     E of Castlemartyr? Youghal 2  O Microlight Airstrip Cork 81/W95977 73035 51.54·57.5130N  8.03·50.8279W ? 20.05.1993-Active Private.         Grass                  
363 Castlerock O     See Liffock                             2416 Coleraine 4  O Airstrip Derry                                        
364 Castletown Bearhaven 1 P     3.25k E ofCastletownBearhaven pier Bearhaven  O-Berehaven  A Kite Balloon Station Cork 84/V71251 46263 51.39·25.3484N  9.51·63.8204W        02m 07ft 29.04.1918-00.07.1920 USNAS/RAF.     Active area   Grass                  
365 Derrymihin West P / / 1k E of Castletown Bearhaven Castletownbere  O Helipad Cork 84/V68812 46056 51.39·10.7914N  9.53·74.6861W        05m 16ft    pre 1983-Active Irish Lights/Irish Helicopters.     Active Area 15m raised  concrete platfor    m with a  yellow circle 200m E     of the Dinish island bridge                
366 Castletownroche 2 P*                              Castletownroach   Field strip Cork 73/R67663 02109 52.10·19.8385N  8.28·36.1420W ? 07.07.1937- Private.         Grass                  
367 Castletroy P*                                       Castletroy   Helistop Limerick 65/R62246 68163 52.45·79.5228N  8.33·50.0177W ? 26.01.1999- Private.                            
368 Castlewellan O     See Slievenisky                      1762 Jimmy's Mountain Strip  O-           Slieve Croob  O Microlight Airstrip Down                                        
369 Cavan 1 P*                                    Cavan town   Field strip Cavan 34/H41788 04276 53.59·16.0778N  7.21·77.3955W ? 00.10.1912- Priavte         Grass                  
370 Cavan 2 O     see Drumelis                          2611   Helipad Cavan                                        
371 Cavan 4 P*                                            Cavan    Helipad Cavan 34/H42368 04888 53.59·48.7770N  7.21·23.8393W ? 14.10.1998-Active Private.                            
372 Celtic Hangar 1 P     1.5k E of Dublin Airport terminal Cloghran 1  O Heliport Dublin 50/O18028 43011 53.25·43.9570N  6.13·45.7461W      52m 170ft 00.00.1990-00.02.1995 Civil.Celtic Helicopters.     Active area concrete ramp S side of Hanger                  
373 Celtic Hangar 2 O     See Knocksedan                     0850   Heliport Dublin                                        
374 Chapleizod O     See Castleknock 1                  1677   Airstrip Dublin                                        
375 Charleville 1  P     1k NNW of Charleville Charleville 1  O-Rath Luirc 1  O-Broghill North  O Field strip Cork 73/R52549 24189 52.22·03.8851N  8.41·80.2487W      90m 294ft 15.07.1937- Private.                         N/S 300yds x 50yds Grass                  
376 Charleville 2  P*                     Charleville / Rath Luirc  Charleville 2  O-Rath Luirc 2  O Helistop Cork 73/R53407 23409 52.21·62.2783N 8.41·04.0341W ? 25.07.1999- Private.     Active area                      
377 City West Hotel P   / 1.75k S of Baldonnel Hangers Brownsbarn  O-Saggart  O Helipad Dublin 50/O03687 27291 53.17·13.1769N 6.26·70.6705W    115m 376ft 09.01.1999-Active Private.     Active area 2 Tarmac pads 45m SE of  the main hotel building                  
378 Bryansford P*     3k NW of Newcastle Newcastle 1  O Field strip Down 29/J34902 33108 54.13·73.9710N  5.55·86.5587W      85m 278ft 23.09.1913-26.09.1913 Private/RFC         Grass                  
379 Clandeboye P*     3k SW of Bangor Ballyleidy O Glider Site Down 15/J47575 79513 54.38·52.5687N  5.42·80.9452W      60m 196ft 00.03.1931- Private.         Grass                  
380 Clane O     See Millicent Farm                   1012   Airstrip Kildare                                        
381 Clara P*                                              Clara   Microlight Airstrip Offaly 48/N25595 31565 53.20·02.3367N  7.36·94.5380W ? 02.07.1994-Active Private.         Grass                  
382 Clarecastle O     See Claremount Farm             0385 Ennis 1  O-Castleclare  A Field strip Clare                                        
383 Clare Island P*     10k WNW of Louisburgh   Helipad Mayo 30/L71464 85129 53.47·98.7075N  9.57·06.3907W ? 02.11.1995- Private.     Active area                      
384 Clare Island Lighthouse O     See Lecknacurra                     0863   Helipad Mayo                  ?-? Private.                            
385 Claremount Farm P     3.25k S of Ennis railway station Ballaghafadda West  O-Ennis 1  O-Clarecastle  O-Castleclare  A Field strip Clare 58/R33952 73750 52.48·64.4445N  8.58·77.6365W        15m 49ft 12.06.1936-17.06.1937 Private.     omni-directional 250yds E-W     420yds N-S Grass                  
386 Claudy P*     13.5 SE of Craigavon Bridge Derry   Helistop Derry 07/C54207 07573 54.54·76.9572N  7.09·28.0460W ? 27.09.1995- Private.     Active area                      
387 Clear Island 1 P*     7k SW of Baltimore   Helistop Cork 88/V96789 22132 51.26·55.9339N  9.29·07.8060W ? 11.08.1991- Private     Active area                      
388 Clievreagh P     700mNNW of Listowel L side of R552  Listowel 1  O                Helipad Kerry 63/Q98712 34616 52.27·22.1844N  9.29·40.7637W        31m 102ft 20.10.1987-Active Private.     Active area to the rear (W) of the main building                  
389 Clifden P     350m WSW of Market Sq Clifden   Helipad Galway 37/L65438 50474 53.29·22.3699N 10.01·64.9817W        04m 14ft 00.00.1968-Active Private/Irish Lights.     Active area   on Beach Road by the shore 15m tarmac circle                
390 Cloghjordan O     See Stoneyacre                      1273 Cloughjordan  A Airstrip Tipperary                                        
391 Cloghran 1 O     See Celtic Hangar 1                0372   Heliport Dublin                                        
392 Cloghran 2 O     See National Show Centre       1066   Helipad Dublin                                        
393 Clonad O     See Clonbullogue                   0398 Edenderry 5  O Airfield Offaly                                        
394 Clonakilty 1 P*     800mSW of Clonakilty town centre   field strip Cork 89/W37700 40878 51.37·02.6552N  8.53·97.4391W ? 18.06 or 05/06.07.1914 Private.                            
395 Clonakilty 2 O     See Whites Marsh                   1400   Temporary airstrip Cork                                        
396 Clonakilty 3 P*                                       Clonakilty   Microlight Airstrip Cork 89/W38086 42538 51.37·92.4338N  8.53·65.7428W ? 03.05.1983-01.07.1985 Private.                            
397 Clonakilty 4 P*                                       Clonakilty   Helipad Cork 89/W38386 41786 51.37·52.0917N  8.53·38.9647W ? 19.10.1994- Private.     Active area                      
398 Clonbullogue P   / 2.25k SW of Clonbullogue Edenderry 5  O-Clonad  O Airfield Offaly 49/N58562 22471 53.14·96.3866N  7.07·35.4417W      71m 233ft 00.08.1991-Active Private. 128.55mHz                09/27 775m x 18m Grass                  
399 Cloncar neel P     7.5k WSW of Trim   Airstrip Meath 42/N72860 54661 53.32·20.9711N  6.54·05.7537W      65m 213ft 09.03.1987-Active Private.       470m x 30m Grass                  
400 Clondara  O     See Cloondara                       0420   Private Address/Store? Longford                                        
401 Clonee